Even at this time, people still ask how to play MOHAA on a MAC. Here is a little tutorial that allows you to play on MAC OS x.

Download & Install Portingkit

Download and install Portingkit on your MAC. Register an account and login.

Get MOHAA on your MAC

You will need to get the Windows version on your MAC. I tested it with the Revival edition. You can extract all files from the Revival executable with the Unarchiver app:

Extracting MOHAA files from the Revival executable.

Running the game

When all files are extracted, you can right click on the executable that you want to play and select: "Open With" -> "Porting Kit.app"

Open executable with PortingKit

Porting Kit will now ask to port the game, select "Medal Of Honor Allied Assault: and press "Ok"

Porting Kit selecting the right game to launch MOHAA

Your game should now start on your MAC!

Note: This doesn't support AlphaMAC anti cheat since it does not support MAC at this moment.